Below you will find answers to all of your questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please email us at info@jurassicgiantsfestival.com

Where can l buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets online, follow the ticket link to the ticket pages. We recommend you purchase tickets online as we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available at the event on the day. Online tickets can be purchased through our website.

Do l have to book tickets in advance?

DINOSAUR FESTIVAL is usually very popular worldwide, most of its events have been sold out, and we advise our customers to purchase tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointments on the day. Because of venue Capacity we are forced to have limited numbers of visitors for each event day. If you do not have tickets until the event day you are not guaranteed access as we will have very limited quantities of tickets at the door

Can l use my tickets for future events?

No! Your ticket is only valid for the dates and times on the tickets.

Where do l park my vehicle?

Parking is available on weekdays and event days.

What is an adult ticket?

An adult ticket is valid for visitors aged 13 to 64 years old.

What is a child ticket?

A Child ticket is valid for visitors aged 2 to 12 years old. Children aged 2 or under do not need a ticket to enter.

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Is the event indoor or outdoor?

This exhibition is an indoor and outdoor event. Please come prepared for any weather conditions.

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What is the means of payment?

All majors Credit, debit cards are accepted for ticket sales.

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What are family ticktes?

A Family ticket is valid for 4 people only. A Family ticket is valid for 2 Adults + 2 Children or 1 Adult + 3 Children. Children aged 2 or under do not need a ticket to visit the event. A minimum purchase of 4 tickets is required.

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What are group tickets/

For example a group ticket of 10. These group tickets are valid for groups of 10 visitors or more (irrespective of age, it is a set price per person regardless whether they are a child or an adult). Visitors aged 2 or under do not need a ticket to enter. A minimum purchase of 10 tickets is required.

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Can l bring a stroller/pushchair/buggie?

Yes. That said, we do not have facilities for storing them.

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Can l bring my pets along?

Generally no, only with the exception of assistance dogs will be allowed to enter, no other dogs or pets will be allowed to enter the event.

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Can l bring children's scooters/skates/bicycles?

Due to health and safety issues children’s scooters/skates/bicycles will not be allowed to enter the event  and  we do not have facilities for storing these items at the event.

How long does it take to have a full experience of the event?
The time you take also depend on  several factors, including, how much time you spend reading about the dinosaurs, how much time you spend enjoying the various activities.
I did not receive my tickets, how can l get them?

Please check the spam folder of your email to ensure that you have not received it. You may email us at info@dinofestivalaustralia.com to inform us that you have not received your tickets. Please include the following information in your email: 1. the full name of the person that purchased the tickets 2. the last four digits of the card that was used to make the payment. 3. The email address where you would like to receive your tickets.

Do l need to print my tickets?

You can print your tickets or show the tickets on your phone to our team at the entrance. Please have the barcode showing so that your tickets can be scanned on your phone or your printed tickets.

Arriving earlier / later than my time?

You do need to arrive at the event at the entry time you chose when you booked your tickets. This is to avoid overcrowding and for health and safety purposes. If you arrive a little early or a little late, don’t worry, you will not be refused entry to the event.


What entry time do l choose?

Information about your preferred entry time is printed on your ticket.

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Can l change the date and time of my visit?

As clearly stated on our website and on your tickets, we do not offer the option of changing the date or time of your visit.

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Can l get a refund on my tickets?

Please see our website terms and conditions.

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Will there be food and drink on sale?

Yes. There are a handful of street food and drink vendors onsite.

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Is filming and photography allowed?

Some areas may be reserved photo shooting as a paid activity. They are plenty of Dinosaur models in Jurassic tour area where photo can be taken from a distance.

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Is there a route accessible for wheelchair users?

The venue is wheelchair friendly; please note that we do not hire out wheelchairs at the event.

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